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JCVI Cloud Bio-Linux

JCVI Cloud BioLinux image enables scientists to quickly provision computation infrastructures supporting bioinformatics using cloud computing platforms such as Amazon EC2 and Eucalyptus.   Upon deployment users will have instant access to a host of software including BLAST, glimmer, hmmer, phylip, rasmol, genespring, clustalw, the Celera Assembler, and the EMBOSS collection of utilities.  JCVI Cloud BioLinux is built on a 64-bit instance of Ubuntu virtual server customized with bioinformatics packages from the BioLinux repository, and will be updated periodically.

This image is meant to be a community resource. As such, we look to the community for suggestions on tools and software for incorporation, as well as general feedback or ideas that will enhance the value of the image to the entire community.  To maximize this effort, we will be crowd sourcing and using forums to gather feedback, respond, and implement features.  Please visit our User Voices forum for details.