The Cloud Market provides a catalog of images available for the Amazon Cloud, known as Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is currently the most popular public cloud platform in terms of usage, but there are many other clouds out there and we plan on adding support for them in the future.

Our goal with The Cloud Market is to provide a comprehensive catalog of publicly available images for the cloud, as well as data about which images and image creators are the most popular. Our ratings system will also help you to choose which images you would like to use.

To create our catalog, we scan Amazon EC2 for the list of available AMIs and then we scan other locations for additional information about the available images. We also collect information on the 'owner' or create of the images and provide information about which images were generated by which owner.

for OWNERS, provide additional information about you and your images, making them easier to find and buy. Find your images and claim them!

for USERS, a one-stop solution for provisioning images, find the right ones for your needs