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Sim On Demand (9E6D5AB5)

Sim On Demand
Sim-OnDemand Personal Virtual World Server - is a ready-to-use pre-configured packaging of OpenSim deployed on Amazon's robust infrastructure.

OpenSim is a SecondLife(TM) like virtual/social 3D world server.
Rapidly evolving open source software like OpenSim is at times tedious to try out. Typically, the environment needed to build the latest version needs considerable setup.
The Amazon Machine Image(AMI) route eases the effort by making a ready to use/evaluate Opensim instance available.

You save time by avoiding the headache of installing and configuring pre-requisite software like mono, mysql, screen, etc. This Sim-OnDemand Opensim machine image is configured to work with Elastic Block Store(EBS) so that the state of the Sim is preserved across restarts of the EC2 instance.

Sim-OnDemand comes with a GUI based launcher that makes it easy for anyone to click-launch their own virtual world.The launcher employs a simple yet powerful music-player metaphor: Play-Pause-Play. The unique Pause/Suspend feature saves the state of the virtual world server for restoration at a latter point in time. Thus with the Sim-OnDemand launcher, activating the play button launches the virtual world server. Activating the pause button freezes the virtual world server. Pressing the play button again at a future point in time restores the virtual world server where it left off(paused).

This play-pause-play feature of Sim-OnDemand is very handy for prototyping and experimentation ? sims can be frozen/saved as is at a fraction of the cost associated with running them. With this feature, need to delete a build just to ?make space? for a new build is eliminated.
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